cut the bas!@#ds!

the state of our economy is so bad that we do not know where it is headed. who or what is to be blamed? i see tweets and status updates that say the government is the reason why the economy is going down. well, thats bullshit for starters. they may be…

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taking a step back…

the air around me feels so tense these days, like one of those times when the end is near. there were times when we had no fear and it was full of adventure.. when the world as such was not useless, filled with sorrow and scam. just for today i would like…

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free thou mind!

open yourself, feel the rhythm
listen to the voices deep inside..
there is a key and it’s what you want it to be..
give into fear, embrace it as it comes
you are here with no place to run..
born a soulful child, are you still the same?
living someones life…

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